My Experience with Social Media so far..

My Experience with Social Media so far..

It started out exactly how I wanted it too. My whole time in the Army and Special Operations, I didn’t have a social media. So when I got out or knew I was getting surgeries which would lead to a medical retirement, I opened up an instagram page called “The Alpha Country”. At first, I felt like a straight tool. Not because it said “Alpha” but because the name was only going to be taken one way. The word “Alpha” has been used by straight bettas. Not to call anyone out but they don’t have that mentality, they just got that name first.

So when I started the company, it took me awhile to really show what I meant by the name. Which is, no matter where you go in the world, America and its people are known as the Alphas. Obviously the past two years with all the agenda bullshit going on that this government was pushing, which I truly believe is coming to an end because of the people of The Alpha Country, changed the way people look at us but we will get back on track.

When I would go to other countries or even train with other countries soldiers here in America, they looked at us as the Alphas, would they admit it all the time? No. This country is the way that it is because of men and women of this country and what we stand for. I am not even going to get into the whole shenanigans that happened the past two year, that’s for another day. Don’t worry.

Back to when I first started social media. It started in my guest bedroom on a table with a laptop. I designed some logos, figured out how to start a business to be official and then figured out what kind of products I wanted to start with. I was so confused during this period, I truly had no idea what I was doing and nobody wanted to help me because I was just a beginner. My first ever place that I got apparel from was from a SF retired dude. he toyed with me, didn’t take me serious, and because I didn’t do 20 years in the army then I wasn’t taken seriously. Im sure he regrets that now that he sees where I am at with the business, especially the apparel side of the house. That was my first bad experience with business, especially from this so called “brotherhood” we are supposed to have and take care of each other after the military but I will be honest with you guys. I have seen nothing but selfish behavior by Veterans. Unless it is going to benefit them then they don’t want to help out. Which is cool cause I don’t mind doing things on my own but those are the same ones preaching about “being there for each other” or “check up on your buddies” every time someone commits suicide in the community. “Are you even a legitimate business?” is no shit what the guy asked me. From then on, I had a fire lit under me to make this clothing stuff take off.

My second crazy experience was with old boy “Travis Raids”. This dude was already popular by the time I started my Instagram page, which made me think he was official. Cool, lets chat and work together. I was for sure the dudes that he was with and hanging out with, had vetted this scum. Nah, they got bamboozled which ultimately bamboozled me too because I fell in line and let my guard down. I am sure a lot of you guys remember that ass clown.

My third and final bad experience with working with another veteran owned company was a company that is still active so I will not say their name. I had created programs, spread there first supplements into the local supplement shop near my house, I would go out and by camera equipment in order to take photos for the website and product photography, all these things were taken for granted. The amount of payment I should have received and what I really received was pathetic. When I confronted the situation, I was told I didn’t know anything about business. Again, treated like I didn’t know anything and I wasn’t running a legitimate business myself. Again, lit a whole new fire under my ass to get my programs and supplements to be the best out there. We are destroying that company in everything we do now, so thank you for lighting that fire and treating me like shit because that was my final straw on working with people like that.

This is why I have trust issues on doing business with anyone. I used to be all about making sure the other company or person was taken care of and that always got me in trouble.

Now I do my own thing. I make my own decisions, just like I did in the military.

Nobody told me to go to Ranger School. Nobody told me to go to Special Forces Selection. Nobody told me I had to risk my life for my afghans while everyone stayed on a “safe” compound.

The reason why I hate social media is because of these experiences and because nobody on there talks the way I do. Its only what they want you to see.

The biggest thing I hate about it is how people feel the need to share their opinion on everything that you do.

Every story I would post of me talking, brought an enormous amount of “opinions” that I truly gave zero fucks about. Like I said, I make my own decisions and nobody on there has what I want to have or has the company that I want to build with this one.

I am going to take this shit so far. These experiences are just to name a few but I am sure glad they happened.

We are only in year two. imagine in 10 years, 20 year and 30 years from now. Insane progress will be made and nobody will stop that.

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