Operation Elite 60 Day Hybrid Performance Program

$100.00 USD

What is a hybrid athlete?

To me, a hybrid athlete is someone who focuses on strength just as much as endurance and takes pride in matching them at the perfect level.

 hroughout this program you will experience the shift of focusing just on one piece of your performance to two key pieces of becoming a true hybrid athlete. Strength and Endurance.

I take pride in being strong as shit, don't get me wrong. I hate being in the gym with someone that is stronger than me. I also take pride in being strong for a long period of time besides the strongest in a short span of time. Meaning i will give the win to someone that can pick up 1000 pounds on deadlift and run a couple miles at a 7-8 minute pace depending on the distance.

That is the goal of this program; to not only be strong but to stay strong for a long period of time under a crazy amount of stress. In order to stay strong we must train ourselves properly on endurance. For ALL of my runs, I will be using this formula 180bpm - my age (27) = 153bpm. During all of my runs, my goal is to not let my heart rate get over 153bpm and I am choosing to subtract 5 as my lowest HR. So, I will not let my HR get below 148bpm.

Over a long period of time, I do not know exactly how fast it will work. I truly believe that is a person by person observation, but you will slowly increase speed over this period of time while maintaining the same heart rate because your body is adapting to it. After months or even years of following this method, you will notice that you can easily run 8:30 minute miles for 6 miles while keeping a heart rate that you are able to hold a conversation at.

For the strength side, you ALWAYS should know what your 1 rep max is within the last 30 days. No matter what. Not so you can go tell everyone all the time but this is a critical step in making the % by weight for your strength workouts.

For example:

If you can bench 315 lbs but only think you can do 275 lbs and that's the number that you go off of for your % then you are screwing yourself out of reaching your full potential. We have to use numbers to baseline ourselves, and then take 1 day every 30-60 days to retest and see what progress in numbers you are making.

 This is a Journey.

This is where it starts.