The Winning Mentality.

The Winning Mentality.

I have failed at very few things. That is not me being cocky. It is a statement that is backed with a report card of years of very little F’s.

I truly believe that is because I focus on not making the same mistake twice. That is how you fail.

If you want to win, you have to be willing to make mistakes. You have to take chances to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Just because something doesn’t work one time, you don’t give up, you think of another way to do it.

The most common things that losers do is quit when the first wrong or bad thing happens. Instead of completely changing what you’re doing, find different ways to accomplish that same goal.

For example, somebody has a bad day at work. Their boss or superior person gets in their ass ONE TIME and they say fuck this shit, I don’t deserve this and then they find a complete new job. Thinking that job is going to be better for them but don’t realize that bosses look at your resume and if you have 10 different jobs by the time you are 25 years old, that to me, means you give up and I can’t trust you with real shit and hard tasks. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be a quitter.

I have never quit. What I mean by that is I have never stopped doing something because it got hard.

When I make a mistake, it pisses me off to the point where I need to get it right. I don’t stop until I get it right, perfectly.

If my shooting is off, I don’t stop until I am key holing shots. If my mind is feeling weak in the gym, I don’t stop until I feel like I have corrected my form in order to feel that one life feel right and I make that conscious effort to push myself harder. Some days you’re going to feel weak, you’re going to feel off and its those that choose to keep going on that bumpy road that win. The ones that lose are the ones that take the path of least resistance, the rainbow road that leads you to nothing but it looks nice.

The ones that have the things that you want, even me, took the path with the most resistance. What I mean by that is, a road that doesn’t have a blueprint and you have to write your own script, is full of resistance because it requires you to figure it the fuck out. If you don’t know how to do something, figure it the fuck out and learn a new skill.

For example with this company. I was not a videographer, photographer, graphic designer, fullfillment specialist, supplement formulator or clothing designer.

But guess what. I AM NOW, because I figured it the fuck out. After I learned how to do it on my own, I tried hiring someone but realized that they didn’t have the same standard as me.

I can’t stand people that take me for granted. I worry to much about taking care of people that ends up being taken for granted and then after 5 times of being taken advantage of, I get rid of that mother fucker and never look back or feel bad about it. Why? Because I have given opportunity after opportunity to those people and they never saw it that way.

Most people think I just sit on social media and make a post every day and then jerk my shit off all day. If you saw my day to day tasks, you’d turn the other way instantly because its a lot. A lot more than what people can even imagine.

That is okay with me because I love the path that nobody wants to go down. I. LOVE. THAT. SHIT.

I have gotten rid of family members that got in my way, friends that got in my way and I don’t have an issue with that because I know how many chances I give people until I have to weed them out.

Where I am going with this company is a full display of a winning mentality. Every day I am driving myself into the ground, just to pick myself back up out of bed at 4am and do it all over again.

There is no get rich quick bullshit. Trust me, I thought there was. Thats bullshit and I have wasted a lot of money on things like that before I chose to start my own company.

The things you see me talk about and do, is all part of building this winning mentality. You’re never going to feel like you are winning with this mentality. But one day, maybe, when you take a step back, all the bullshit you death with and continued to move forward and take more shit another day, will pay off.

Don’t ever quit shit and expect to be taken seriously. Especially with me.

Trust me, I will see right through that weak ass little heart that you have.

You wanna be a winner?

Do whatever it takes, however many times in order to reach the goal or accomplish your mission in this life.

It goes by quick trust me.

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