Seeing the Good in the Bad.

Seeing the Good in the Bad.

I grew up in the ghetto of Omaha, NE. I know, Nebraska only has corn fields right? My parents got divorced a young age and I was brought up for awhile by two college football players that were ruthless. I got to witness all the crazy stuff which made me grow up fast and realize how much fun getting in trouble is. You can’t convince me otherwise that doing things that can get you in trouble just has a thrill to it, am I going to get caught?

My parents were trying to figure out life at this point and it was just easier if they had someone to watch me and my older brother. I was there to tag along and help those dudes pick up girls, it was awesome at the time because I didn’t know any better. I thought it was cool seeing one girl come through the front and the other one going out the back. I thought it was cool getting jumped while going to the gas station up the street for some candy because it made me tougher., the getting booted in the face part wasn’t the most enjoyable but it is what it is. I wanted to be known as being tough, my whole life. I still do.

Growing up, I didn’t see these things as materialistic because life just goes on. As I get older, the memories get more clear and make me realize that kind of stuff is no good for kids to have to go through. This is why I am destined to give my kids a better life. A life where they recognize the bad when they see it but don’t have to experience it to have the point made to them. Sure, they taught me how to fight a little bit but I learned how to fight by getting my ass kicked. I used to think every kid should have to go through that in order to be “hard”. That is false.

The quick lesson I want you guys to take away from this is, the things in your life that you consider bad usually are the ones that mold you into the adult you are or are going to become. Take those hard times that you had as a kid and let it drive you to never have your kids go through something similar.

That alone, drives me and no matter how hard I get my ass kicked, I am getting back up and moving on with a new lesson learned.

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