The World is Hard, for everyone. Thats no excuse.

The World is Hard, for everyone. Thats no excuse.

Thats not an excuse to be a little bitch about it though.

If you don’t like curse words or you think its unprofessional then I am not for you, real talk.

The world is hard for you. The world is hard for me. The world is hard for the ones that you think have it all figured out. The world is hard for your friends and your family that put on a show that they have it all figured out too.

Truth is, they are complacent. It is super easy to fall in line with the crowd and go to your little 9-5 job, come home, go to sleep and repeat.

Thats the easy world and if that is you, again I am not the person you should be listening too.

I have never been able to relate to the average persons mindset, its weak as fuck. I have zero ways to relate to that.

The thing is, I can tell who has it and who does not. If I know you just don’t have it in you and you are just all talk, my responses will be “yeah, mhmm, yeah man” and things like that.

We have all been lied to in the school systems to be wired this way, which is why there are so many people like this.

Not very many people realize that what is taught in school is bullshit. Not the actually learning part but the life they say you will live after school.

I tried the college shit and I never got into it because I am not one to just sit there and listen to someone in order to remember what they said, take a test on what they said, in order to get a degree about what they said, just to realize I am going to a job that isn’t like what they said. Does that make sense?

I knew I had too big of goals for anyone to understand. My parents and my basketball coach were the only ones that understood what I was meant to be in this world, besides me.

No friend understood what I wanted to accomplish which is why I left all those people when I went on to do the things I wanted to do.

Most of them are still in that world, not all but most.

You have to be willing to bet on yourself. A lot of “life coaches” out there preach the fuck out of this shit but aren’t even close to displaying it in real life. They are living off of the weak minded individuals to seek their guidance in order to make a dollar.

This is why I talk to you guys for free.

Lets get this straight though, I am not a regular dude. I have a work ethic that you couldn’t even imagine, I have a relentless pursuit for greatness that you couldn’t even imagine and I have goals that you probably think about too but you know you can’t reach because of the patterns of life you are so used to that you are scared to make a change.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that the average person can be great, that’s why they are average.

What I can tell you is if you have this same mentality, which I know their are people out there because I get to talk to a few people with this same shit but I would never call them the “average person”.

I hate hearing special people call themselves average.

Its like their way of trying to “fit in”.

I don’t give a single fuck about fitting in.

I am going to keep doing me and helping people out no matter what anyone says.

I will treat everyone like a blank sheet of paper when I first meet them. I will let you talk and work and not get in your way but I will keep track of your habits and label you as such.

If you are a stud, you are a stud. If you are a dud, then you are a dud.

I am not here for the duds nor will I ever lower my standard for them.

I am here for the studs. The winners. The ruthless individuals that are seeking a life they know they can build.

It all starts with yourself, make the decision.

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