I am here to WIN.

I am here to WIN.

Jul 13, 2023Spencer Lewis

I hate losing more than I love winning.

Even when I was a kid. I didn’t care about getting any recognition or medals for MVP. I knew how to win in sports as a team player, yes I was an All-state football and basketball player but that wasn’t my goal, I wanted to win championships. I knew how to win as an operator on an Operation-Detachment-Alpha, I didn’t care about any awards for doing my job, I just wanted to kill the dirtbags that were making good peoples lives hell (look at my eyes in the picture above, the bottom is the day I signed the dotted line for the army, I was already on a mission and I knew where I was going and what I was going to do, nobody was going to get in my way). I know how to win in business as an owner (I just haven’t been doing it long enough to have that resume yet) that will construct a team of winners. We will win together.

If I am driving a nice car or truck and you put in the same effort as me, you will be driving a nice car or truck, whatever pleases you.

If my bank account is growing and you are putting the same effort as me, your bank account will grow as well.

I have never been the selfish one but I can promise you I have been surrounded by selfishness my entire life and I watched how not to be, very closely.

I learned this term while in Ranger School, a “SPOTLIGHT RANGER”.

What is a spotlight ranger? They are everywhere in life, I promise you. They don’t just belong in the military.

A spotlight ranger is someone who puts on a show when the boss is around, like they are the king of the castle and they are the best. but when the boss isn’t around, they are a complete shitbag.

In ranger school, when the Ranger Instructors who were ultimately in charge of your fate whether you would get a Go or No-Go, were around then the spotlight rangers would make an appearance and all of a sudden, the shitbag that was just sleeping is now this loud and proud leader, doing things to say “LOOK AT ME”. I fucking hate those people and I call them out every time, not in front of the “boss” but when its just me and them, that’s when their shit tucks between their legs. They don’t like being called out.

I am here for the winners.

Because that is who I am, I love to win. I fucking hate losing with a passion.

Anything I have set my mind too, I achieve. Do I always get it right the first time? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

But I will not quit until I get it right and win.

Having a winning mindset and developing the hate for losing, will set you apart from the average person.

There are not very many winners out there.

There sure as shit are a lot of people who say they’re winners but have no resume to back it up.

I am not saying you’re going to win every single time you try something, but you better not quit.

Keep going until you get it right.

Keep going, no matter what. Until you WIN.

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