You are the leader..

You are the leader..

Your friends and those you allow to take your time better be savages, with you as the leader.

My whole military career, I saw guys that had huge amounts of potential get swallowed in the circles of complacency. Truthfully just a bunch of whining bitches who called themselves men.

I also saw what it looks like to be a savage.

I truly believe I was able to accomplish the things I wanted to while I was in because I didn’t allow myself to get sucked in with a bunch of losers.

My definition of a loser is someone who is satisfied with where they are at and try to drag those around them into being satisfied as well and if you try to be better than them then they just talk copious amounts of shit about you.

I chose to stay as far away from those groups or individuals as I could.

I didn’t get a beer with them after work, I didn’t allow my family to even know who they were and I for damn sure didn’t allow them to take my time away from what I was trying to accomplish.

Most guys I saw were just doing what they needed to do in order to get to the weekend where they just got slaughtered all weekend and then showed up for another week of bitching and moaning about how stupid life was all the time.

I had very little friends because of this, which I was 100000% okay with. All my real friends that I call my brothers are still in climbing the ladder and not taking any time to be comfortable.

Even though I am not in the military anymore, I have kept this mindset.

Is it lonely without them? Absolutely but I am not willing to sacrifice what I am meant to do just because I am lonely.

In this civilian world, all I see is people putting their hopes and dreams on the back end and making excuses on how they will get around to things when in reality they will never bet on themselves and give up the “fun” in order to have a life they enjoy.

In my eyes, I have no time to waste. My goals and purpose to what I want to do with this company I can’t even talk about most of the time because the conversations just get weird because I get looked as crazy.

I know I am crazy, crazy addicted to the pursuit of being successful in everything that I possibly do. I don’t have any time to waste or else I will never get to where I need to go.

I do all of this for myself because I know what my potential is and I know that I have to live up to that in order to show my children what hard work and a life long dedication to the process looks like.

I don’t know what my final destination is, I don’t think I will ever have one but I can promise you this; when my time is called and it is time for me to leave this earth, the impact that I will have left will be something very few people accomplish because I am willing to sacrifice any comfortbality in order to achieve that.

Do not fall in with the crowd that is taking the comfortable way of life.

There are people out there just like myself that would love to add to their circle with this savage mindset.

I know the team we build here will be the hardest working individuals with the biggest hearts.

Selfless service to others and the highest standard for themselves will be all I accept. No compromises.

You must become the leader if you want to be surrounded by leaders. Simple as that.

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