This is what my mom told me as a kid..

This is what my mom told me as a kid..

I am pretty sure my mom said “it sucks being an adult” pretty much every single day.

My mom worked 3-4 jobs a week when I was a kid growing up, just to get us by. We lived paycheck to paycheck but the lessons I learned by watching that will forever impact my life, for the better.

And she was right, it does suck being an adult sometimes. As a kid, all I wanted to be was an adult. I couldn’t wait until I was on my own and could do what I want because as a kid, you don’t think about all the responsibility you have once you are on your own.

Another big thing she told me was “Life isn’t fair" and that is 10000% correct. But the biggest lesson she taught me as a kid without saying it but by her actions, is that you have to keep showing up and you have to figure it the fuck out.

No matter how hard it is, no matter how unfair it is, you must show the fuck up and figure out how to come out on top.

She never accepted being defeated, she always figured it the fuck out and made things better than what she was handed.

As an adult now, I carry that lesson of figuring it the fuck out no matter what the circumstances are.

That mentality made me an asset in the Army, especially on a Operational Detachment Alpha aka Special Forces Team. No matter what the task was, no matter what environment I was in, I figured it out in order to produce the best result possible.

That mentality carried over into this business. People will take advantage of you without you even knowing it, people will fuck you over in order for them to get the best outcome for themselves. That is the average human being on this planet, they will do whatever they need to, literally whatever, in order to make the outcome be on their side. They will lie, steal and everything in between to try to defeat you.

You have two choices, accept that defeat and become a victim or figure it the fuck out in order to get the win.

Everybody has this choice.

Nobody decides it for you, you have to decide what side of the fence you are going to be on.

Be the one who figures it the fuck out and show up everyday expecting to solve problems because they will come, every single day.

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