Why I choose to go all in..

Why I choose to go all in..

#1 reason, for my kids.

I want them to see daddy work his ass off.

I want my kids to be proud of who their daddy is.

I live my life for my kids.

I work day in and day out on my mental, my physical and my business. FOR THEM.

I fucking hate seeing this type of shit, “I didn’t want to get up and do so and so today, but I did”..

What in the absolute fuck.

Thats not me.

Am I sore some days more than others? Yes.

Am I tired more days than others? Yes.

But never am I feeling sorry for myself. Thats weak shit.

You don’t have to tell anyone that shit. That doesn’t make you fake.

I am seeing a lot of losers talk shit on other people right now because they “don’t tell you this stuff”

Get the fuck out of here with that weak shit.

Your purpose needs to be real. Without a purpose, this is the type of shit you say.

My purpose is greater than me and greater than how I feel.

My purpose is my kids.

No matter what, the purpose remains the same. Sore. Tired. Hungry. It doesn’t fucking matter man.

I don’t need to tell you when I am tired, just like I don’t need to tell you when I am not tired. Go it?

So many people feel the need to share their whole fucking life on social media and if you don’t then your “fake as fuck”

If you think this way about people, you need to delete your shit right now and reevaluate your priorities on what you are concerned about on a day to day basis.

You may not have kids, that doesn’t mean you dont have a purpose for what you do every day.

It could be to make your girl proud, your parents proud or your friends proud.

Your purpose is whatever you want it to be. Thats for you to decide.

Nobody will ever change my purpose.

My purpose means everything to me.

My kids mean everything to me.

It is my responsibility to show them what hardwork and dedication looks like.

Thats my shit. Thats my purpose and that’s why I will never stop until my time on this planet is done.

You decide who the fuck you are and why you do the shit you do.

Don’t ask anyones permission and for fuck sake, don’t ever feel bad for doing what you know you need to do and who you need to be.

I don’t care who it is, if they don’t like it. Leave them in that chapter of your life and start your next chapter.

That is what life is all about.

Chapters of our lives but the purpose remains the same, you can add to that purpose meaning if you don’t have kids right now and then you do, then at that to your purpose but don’t ever take away pieces from your purpose.

Love you guys.

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